how ready are you to lead others?

At this stage in your studies of business and leadership, what is your vision of leadership? And how ready are you to lead others?


At this stage in my studies of business and leadership, I feel I still have a world of knowledge to learn but I have definitely set a solid foundation from where I can continue to build up my knowledge. The most important thing I have learnt from this course is that organisational theories keep evolving and as a leader of a business it is important to keep up with the times. My studies have offered me invaluable foundations which I can build on but the studying and learning of new theories and practices never ends.


Partly this is what I believe will one day mean that I am capable of leading others as I have fully grasped the importance of being open minded and open to other ideas. Even if I am never able to attain the innovative skills of Steve Jobs I am now confident that I will at least be able to have the open mind and ears of Fabrizio Freda.


Leadership in my eyes has to be brilliant and inspiring as the ability to get employees to believe in your vision is key to the employees making it a reality. I also stand for highly ethical business practices and an ethical leadership style. I believe that as organisation’s inner business workings become more transparent this is something that will eventually be recognised and appreciated by the consumer also.


I would like to consider myself as an individual who is not egoistical enough to fall into the control-freak style of leadership and although possibly hesitant at first I would eventually have no problem of transferring power to others who can get the job done efficiently. I also believe it is vital for a leader to recognise their shortcomings and not be fooled in to a sense of ‘know it all’ arrogance, accepting that there are people out there that have better ideas than you can be a great bonus if you’re willing to work with them, and a big downfall if you fail to recognise their strengths. I also like the style of leadership that gets every last person in an organisation voicing their opinions and rewarded for their efforts. I recognise that there may be people with additional skills at various positions whose voices do not get heard. People at the bottom of the organisation, such as sellers, may know more about customer satisfaction than people working in offices who studied the theories at university. In this sense, I admire Richard Branson who de-centralised the decision making in his operations of Virgin trains and fully realised the untapped potential his company could harness, while at the same time increasing a sense of responsibility and job satisfaction amongst employees.


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